Divine Guidance

Sometimes giving up the need to control your life is the best thing you can do. I know that sounds crazy, or even impossible to some of you. Imagine that your life is a separate person and you’re always trying to control its every move instead of letting it be free. If it was a separate person it would rebel like a teenager against their parents. The human mind and egos need to control the soul is damaging to its progress. The soul needs to be free to do what it came here for. It has a mission to complete so that it can grow. So many times in this chaotic world souls get trapped, all because of control.

It’s hard to give up control of your life. We people like to think that we have the authority to do as we see fit on earth. We want to go after the things that we desire. We want to be the ones to accomplish great things. But what if your mission on earth is to learn humility and nothing more. That might seem insignificant to you if you are reaching for the stars and trying to achieve greatness, but what if it is a huge accomplishment for the soul. It’s scary to let something you can’t see or hear take the reins of your precious life. It is precious, your life. It’s the most precious thing you have right now.


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